Furniture Hire

We are a furniture hire company that provides a variety of decorative furniture for your event. Our decorative furniture are designed to add value to your event with the professionalism and care you would expect from a professional in the industry.

Our furniture hire services are perfect for event planning practitioners, who need to rent furniture in bulk but do not have time or space to store it. We make sure each piece is delivered in perfect condition and easy to store, so you can simply pack them up and send them back when the event is over.

Decorative Art And Furniture Installations

Our picture hanging services come in handy for those who wish to hang pictures on their walls, but struggle with where to source a local company that does not require travel time or an expensive travel bill. We have a team of qualified installation specialists who can do home and office furniture installations such as picture hanging, shelve and mirror hanging. We also do wall paper installations as well as wall murals for creches and schools.

More About Us

Artcop was conceived out of the need to fill the gap in the furniture hire and creative display space by providing exceptional services to a niche market that values aesthetics and decor.

Our core values are to uphold expectations, build long-term relationships and create value. We believe it is critical for business and societal growth to maintain a strong client experience, which ensures that all your needs can be met by professionals who care.

Our Vision

Against this backdrop, our vision is to lead in the provision of world-class furniture and creative display solutions not just in South Africa, but beyond. 

Our Mission

  • provide world-class service to our clients

  • build long-lasting and sustainable relationships

  • promote entrepreneurship among young people

Our objectives

At Artcop, our set objectives are as follows:

  • motivate, inspire and equip the youth in the creative art space.

  • Create opportunities in the visual arts space where young talented Africans can fully participate.

  •  Meeting the diverse creative needs of our clients in a professional manner.

  •  Provision of tailor-made artistic display solutions for homeowners, corporations, artists, and other clients.

  •  Unearthing the vast opportunities in the creative arts space.

  • Promote artistic creativity among young people like painting, drawing, and many more.

  • Promote excellence and a culture of continuous improvement.


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