Picture Hanging Services

Picture Hanging Services Johannesburg

Are you looking for low-cost Picture hanging services in Johannesburg? At Artcop, we specialize in professional picture hanging services in Gauteng and Johannesburg. Our Picture Hanging Pros are well trained and equipped to meet your hanging needs.  

Picture Hanging Services

We understand that paintings have sentimental value, and as such, we always handle each artwork with care.We don’t just hit a nail in the wall, but rather we try to understand our client’s needs before we commence work. 

Hanging Pictures on Double-volume Walls

We can also cater to challenging hanging projects that require hanging on double-volume walls. With appropriate safety measures and equipment, we ensure that we meet your picture-hanging needs.

Picture Collage

Because we understand that some of our clients prefer wall collages, we provide creative and vibrant picture wall collage options for our clients.


Our Picture Hanging Service

  • communicate with clients via email or phone to understand their needs,

  • schedule a call-out to understand the layout, wall structure, tool requirements, location, and any other relevant information,

  • establish a work plan on how to deliver on the project,

  • schedule a date and time to deliver on the project

  • we always maintain communication channels with our clients to ensure that they are happy with our job, and

  • in terms of complaints, we have an open-door policy whereby we listen and correct accordingly for free.

So if you are looking for picture hanging services Johannesburg, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you. 


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