Wall Murals

Wall Murals Johannesburg

Wall murals are an alternative and affordable way of displaying your brand or brightening your living spaces. At Artcop, we provide wall mural services in Johannesburg and Gauteng province.

Because we understand the importance of brand awareness, we aim to explore ways of displaying your brand creatively.

Our services include wall mural advertising, township wall mural advertising; kids wall murals/kid murals and murals for schools and creches.

Wall Murals

We service clients from various sectors who want to profile their brand and content creatively. Our wall artists are drawn from a pool of talented young artists who want to showcase their creativity, but lack the platform to do so. Combining with our expertise, we offer a holistic but engaging approach to the design and implementation of our projects.

Our clients include schools, corporate entities, small and medium businesses. Because we understand the high levels of unemployment in the country, our purpose is to inspire the artists so that they can become independent practitioners. 

So if you are searching for: wall mural advertising and branding, let’s help you with your needs!

Below are some of our key specialties

  • Crèches: we service various crèches across the Johannesburg area.

  • Businesses and offices including boardrooms: part of our work is to develop wall art concepts for corporate clients who want to improve their boardrooms.

  • Township and community wall murals: In communities, we provide wall art projects for community awareness campaigns and branding purposes.

  • Kiddies room: we develop kiddies room concepts that are designed to brighten up your kid’s room.

  • Educational walls: similar to crèches, we also provide for schools in and around Johannesburg

  • Creating interest or a photo opportunity

  • Creating colour and form in a garden

  • Making the onlooker feel like they are somewhere else completely

  • Informational hand-painted signs

For more information on our wall mural content, please visit our blog

Below are some of our recent works.


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